Internet Safety Tips

The Internet is an amazing tool that opens people up to a whole new world of learning, socializing, and even taking care of bills. However, there are also predators online that can do harm. The good news is there are things Internet users can and should do to protect themselves. Here are some fantastic tips to follow regarding Internet safety:

Always have a good anti-virus program installed

The minute you get a new computer you want to make sure you have installed a good anti-virus software before you go online. When you buy a new computer you will generally be provided with anti-virus software that you just need to install and activate. Make sure you follow the recommendations for the settings so you know you are fully protected. When your computer gives you a warning that a website is possibly dangerous, close that window immediately and stay off of that website.

Never answer emails that require passwords even if they are from a known company

There are fake emails that are made to look like they have come from your bank, credit card company, or another business you may do business with. The emails can ask you to click a link and log in to your account. Never do this or you can find yourself giving away important passwords to thieves looking to get at your money or other interests. Instead, get out of your email and go directly to the site to log in.

Don't give out your personal information online

No matter how well you think you know someone from emailing with them, chatting with them in private messages, or even Facetiming with them, you never want to give them certain personal information. The Internet makes it very easy for people to pretend to be something or someone they are not. You shouldn't give out your address, any financial information, your work information, or other important and personal information until you know someone in real life.

Don't post too much information on your social media pages

A lot of people like to use their social media pages like they are their own daily diary and calendar. They post where they went, what they are currently doing, and where they will be going in the near future. Along with this information, they may also post accidental hints on where they live. Doing these things can help a criminal locate your home and they will even know your schedule, so they can target you for a break in.

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