Add Modern Safety And Anti-Theft Devices To Guest Rooms At The Inn That You Own

If you recently purchased a small motor inn that is located in a busy seaside resort town, add modern safety and anti-theft devices to each guest room before opening for business, so that future guests will be protected from intruders and furnishings and equipment that you have added to each room will remain intact.  

Key Card Entry Locks And Identification Check For Replacement Cards

Hire a locksmith to install a key card entry lock on each of the guest room doors. Each key card will have a magnetized strip running across that back of it that will unlock a door once it is inserted and removed from the card slot on a lock.

Set up an activation device inside of your motor inn's office to activate cards upon each guest's arrival. Place a couple cards inside of a holder before handing them to a registered guest. If a guest loses their cards, request identification from them before issuing replacement cards to avoid giving cards to the wrong person.

Anti-Theft TV Wall Mount And Steel Cables And Locks For Furniture 

If you will be furnishing rooms with flat-screen televisions that will be mounted to walls, purchase an anti-theft wall mount and have a professional installation crew assist with securing the anti-theft devices to each tv. Each anti-theft wall mount will contain cables that are secured to a television and may include a small locking device for added protection against theft. Purchase steel cables that are each connected to a lock. Wind each cable around the legs of heavy pieces of furniture so that furnishings cannot be lifted from or dragged across flooring. 

Security Window Film 

Purchase security window film. Clean the outside of each window with a glass cleaning agent and a soft cloth. Measure the length and width of each window that you wish to cover and cut pieces of film that are the same measurements. Peel the backing from the first piece of film and press the adhesive side of the film directly across one of the glass panes. Move a squeegee over the film's surface to flatten the window covering.

Attach film to the other glass panes in the same manner. If anyone attempts to break a window in order to gain entry to a room, glass shards will not fly loosely into a guest's room. Instead, pieces of glass will be secured to the adhesive side of the film, protecting the person inside of the room from seriously being injured.