3 Types Of Scanners You Need For Your Office

Having the ability to convert paper documents into electronic copies is essential when it comes to maintaining a record of your company's transactions. In order to transform paper bills, statements, and contracts into digital form, you will need access to a quality scanner.

Here are three types of scanners that you should consider investing in to improve the function of your office in the future.

1. Flatbed Scanner

A flatbed scanner provides you with the versatility needed to scan a variety of documents. Not only will you be able to scan individual documents and transform them into a digital file, you will be able to create digital copies of book pages and photographs as well.

A flatbed scanner will provide your office with the equipment needed to scan any medium as you complete your day-to-day administrative tasks in the future.

2. Sheet-fed Scanner

Another important type of scanner that you should invest in for your office is a sheet-fed scanner. These scanners are designed to handle documents in bulk, and they significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to convert hard copy documents into digital files.

With a sheet-fed scanner you have the ability to send several documents through the scanner with minimal hands-on effort. Be sure to invest in a model that allows you to send the digital copies to your email address, and your sheet-fed scanner is sure to become an invaluable office tool over time.

3. Portable Scanner

You may find yourself in need of scanning services outside the office if you routinely process contracts with third-party clients or vendors. Converting executed contracts to digital files immediately ensures that you don't run the risk of losing the contracts as you travel to and from your office.

In order to make this off-site scanning possible, you will need access to a portable scanner. These scanners are able to read single pages and convert them immediately into a digital file that you can save to a flash drive or external hard drive for safe storage in the future.

Being able to recognize the many roles that a scanner will play in the day-to-day running of your office is important. When you are able to see how a scanner can be used to improve your administrative abilities, you will be able to recognize the benefits associated with investing in scanners for your office. Be sure to provide access to a flatbed scanner, a sheet-fed scanner, and a portable scanner in order to meet all your document conversion needs in the future.